Kroeger Law Office specializes in uncontested and contested divorce. With over 35 years of collective experience in family law we have acquired the ex

Custody Disputes

At Kroeger Law Office we are a small but powerful practice who specialize in child custody law. Located in Fairlawn, Ohio we make a commitment with ou

Child & Spousal Support

Kroeger Law Office wants your child to be minimally affected by your divorce. Child support plays a big role in ensuring your child’s well-being. We

Legal & Pet Custody

If you are in need of a custody lawyer for your pet, Kroeger Law Office is waiting for you. You can be certain that we will do everything possible to

Probate Administration Law

Kroeger Law Office offers Probate Administration Law services to our clients. When someone passes away his/her estate goes through a court-managed pro

Shared Parenting Programs

Shared Parenting sets forth arrangements and terms for the parenting of a minor child or children of parties who are either married or not married. 

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