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Kroeger Law Office specializes in uncontested and contested divorce. With over 25 years of collective experience in family law, we have acquired the experience necessary in court to handle all uncontested and contested divorce cases.
We understand that the divorce process, for many, is unsettling and foreign. It is our mission to help you through your law experience as best as we can. Kroeger Law Office will try and get you through the process with as little cost, stress and damage as possible, helping you through your matter as best as we can. The reason that we embrace the uncontested divorce process is because it allows you to fashion your own agreement and the court will not get into your personal life and decisions.
If an uncontested divorce is necessary, you can trust that we have the experience to help you in these matters.

Custody Disputes

At Kroeger Law Office, we are a small but powerful practice which specializes in child custody law. Located in Fairlawn, Ohio, we make a commitment with our clients to provide them with the highest quality product in our motion practice, brief writing and trial advocacy. Your case is handled by qualified attorneys who are committed to quality representation. With over 25 years of collective experience, we can assist you on your next case.

Child & Spousal Support

Kroeger Law Office wants your child to be minimally affected by your divorce. Child support plays a big role in ensuring your child’s well-being. We advocate for your child’s needs while taking fairness into account. Kroeger Law Office represents parents who need to either obtain child support or pay child support. We consult you with advice regarding enforcement of child support orders and past-due child support orders as well. Also, we help clients whose financial circumstances may require changes in their child support cases. We have over 25 years of collective experience helping families find equitable solutions to ensure your child’s future.

Legal & Pet Custody

If you are in need of a custody lawyer for your pet, Kroeger Law Office is waiting for you. You can be certain that we will do everything possible to make your divorce stress free. When you need to reach a decision with your spouse regarding your pet, we can help. The process involves working directly with their pet custody lawyer and if we can’t reach an agreement then we will take it up in court. Many factors come into play when it involves a pet because they are considered property to be bought or sold, but don’t worry – we can get this situated for you. Contact the professionals with over 25 years of collective experience in family law.

Probate Administration Law

Kroeger Law Office offers Probate Administration Law services to our clients. When someone passes away his/her estate goes through a court-managed process called probate administration. This is where the assets of the deceased are managed. There are different types of will in which we deal with including simple wills, living wills and we also deal with power of attorney, durable power of attorney and power of attorney for healthcare as well. If you are interested in any of these services please give us a call so we can assist you more directly and in depth.

Shared Parenting Programs

Shared Parenting sets forth arrangements and terms for the parenting of a minor child or children of parties who are either married or not married. The term “shared” does not denote ownership as does the term custody. Each parent shares in the legal rights and responsibilities for making major decisions that affect the child/children through a detailed Court Order signed by the parties and adopted by the Court, giving joint custody to both parties. Children in shared parenting get a clear message that both parents love them and want them. They have psychological permission to love and be with both parents. 

Studies find reduced levels of conflict in shared parenting families and that re-litigation (going back to court) is often cut in half. Because both parties are committed in a shared parenting arrangement and the document is a court order, both parties are required to participate in parenting and following the parenting schedule. In sole custody situations, the non-custodial parent has ‘visitation rights’ but no obligation to regularly commit to the agreed-upon schedule and often this creates one parent not being consistent with their parenting obligation, leaving the other parent ‘hanging’ when deciding not to show up and making the children feel unloved or abandoned when regular contact is not maintained. Those who share parenting are less likely to “burn out”. Many co-parenting nonresidential parents continue to provide financial support and have an active parenting role. They do not feel like they have lost their children and they are not denied access. The incidents where shared parenting does not work is in cases where there is regular high conflict between the parties and in cases where there are circumstances that can affect the child/children’s welfare, such as drug and alcohol addictions or anger management issues that parents must overcome to be an appropriate for a shared parenting arrangement.

At Kroeger Law Office, we  concentrate our law practice primarily on Family Law matters. We handle Termination of Marriage cases, whether it is Divorce, Dissolution or Legal Separation cases.

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